Client Testimonials

AUSTSWIM Course Comments

Candidate 1

Auburn, 2019

Tryon Francis was so great he went through everything in detail and went over everything [thoroughly]…he was great 

Candidate 5

Auburn, 2019

Tryon was awesome and very thorough

Candidate 9

Max Parker, 2019

Tryon Francis was very knowledgeable and engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed the course

Candidate 13

Mosman, 2019

Tryon ran the course very well. He was engaging and enthusiastic about the content. I learnt a lot over the weekend

Candidate 17

Tryon was very useful, gave plenty of clarification.

Candidate 21

Mosman, 2020

Excellent knowledge of the course content

Candidate 2

Auburn, 2019

Tryon was very good!  He was very engaging and extremely informative

Candidate 6

Cook & Phillip, 2019 

Tryon was very accommodating and clear when giving instructions and advising us of content

Candidate 10

Ian Thorpe 2019

Tryon was awesome! Very knowledgeable and informative. I have gained a lot from this course

Candidate 14

Roselands, 2019

Tryon Could answer every question without hesitation and very patient with such a big class

Candidate 18

Nepean, 2019

Tryon had great time management skills

Candidate 22

Mosman, 2020

Very good presenter, had a high level of knowledge in the course areas. Well spoken and engaging

Candidate 3

Auburn, 2019

Tryon Francis was a great presenter

Candidate 7

Max Parker, 2019

Tryon shows a great passion for his work

Candidate 11

Mosman, 2019

Tryon is very knowledgeable, engaging, fun but still serious, easy going

Candidate 15

Nepean 2019

Tryon is very clear and precise in both theory and practical teaching.  He is very engaging and keeps learning interesting

Candidate 19

Mosman, 2020

Very engaging presenter with lots of positive energy

Candidate 23

Mosman, 2020

Very engaging presenter with lots of positive energy

Candidate 4

Auburn, 2019

Tryon Francis was phenomenal. Extremely knowledgeable, Great at communicating and very engaging

Candidate 8

Max Parker, 2019

Tryon was  engaging and made the course structure relatable. I learnt more content when I attended with Tryon

Candidate 12

Mosman, 2019

Tryon is a fantastic teacher, great 2 days

Candidate 16

Nepean, 2019

Tryon Francis was very approachable, very down to earth, very knowledgeable, practical, was great

Candidate 20

Mosman, 2020

Great insight into teaching swimming. I was dreading two days of this, but he made it enjoyable! Broke it down well 

Candidate 24

Mosman, 2020

Tryon was extremely engaging as a person.