Get to Know Me

Mr Tryon Francis is the director and principal of Francis Swim School, a boutique client-based swimming and water safety service that provides consultations to learn-to-swim providers for the safe, efficient, effective and enjoyable development of learn to swim programs

Some of the benefits and features of Francis Swim School include:

  • The development of individual consultations for your learn-to-swim program that will have you at the forefront of the aquatic industry; 

  • Specialised consultations, seminars and professional learning in swimming and water safety to industry professionals, universities, and schools; and

  • Swimming assessments for police, teachers, military, maritime and air crew. 


Swimming Teaching History

Mr Francis commenced swimming teaching in 2001 in Western Australia where he has subsequently held leadership positions such as Principal of Swimming and Water Safety with the Department of Education Western Australia where he oversaw the swimming teaching of over 1,000 students and 25 swimming teachers. Some notable achievements are:

  • The instruction of over 7,000 pre-service AUSTSWIM swimming teachers since 2004 in Western Australia, New South Wales and Singapore;

  • Being awarded the Royal Life Saving Society Diploma at the age of 17 in 2002, which is the highest award offered by the Royal Life Saving Society;

  • Awarded the AUSTSWIM Presenter of the Year award WA in 2010;

  • Awarded the AUSTSWIM Presenter of the Year award NSW in 2016; and

  • Awarded the National AUSTSWIM Presenter of the Year Award in 2017.


Personal Life

Mr Francis is a lecturer in physical education, science education, and education law at an Australian university and has previously been a school teacher and education lawyer. In 2009, Mr Francis joined The Royal Australian Air Force as an Officer in the Reserves. His interests include swimming and water safety, surfing, skiing, wakeboarding, rugby union, college football, and educational research particularly in the field of education law.